Our mission is to provide mindful bodywork and massage in a warm-hearted setting. Bodywork and massage therapy have many benefits including: relaxation, stress reduction, and pain relief.  Our expert therapists are not only educated and licensed to perform massage, but strive to mindfully deliver the massage you want. The path to relief that massage can provide does not have to be overly painful to be effective. In fact, we often use pain-free techniques because we found them to be superior for long term effectiveness. 

Bodywork and Massage Therapy

together is our primary focus. We have the ability to tailor your Sacred Pathways experience to you and your needs at our facility located just outside downtown Sarasota. To ensure this, we select our therapists for their ability to be not only deliver an excellent massage, but to be mindful and attentive. Our facility is clean, relaxed, and has an at-home feel. We are excited to have you become a member of our circle of friends.



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First time appointments are made by phone or email. Established clients may book through our internet system.