Valentine’s Day and the Heart Center

In yoga philosophy the 4th chakra, the anahata, is at the heart center, the center between Heaven and Earth. There are three chakras below that ground us to the Earth (if they are balanced) and three chakras above that allow us to touch the Heavens (again, if they are balanced–and if they are, we are). The heart is in the middle, the meeting point of the two worlds. You can see this in the two interpenetrating triangles, one pointing down toward Earth and the other pointing up toward Heaven and the Infinite. Green is the color of this center, the color of healing and growth. Like the rest of the chakras, it takes the form of a flower, a lotus.

On Valentine’s Day in the West we have largely been programmed to think about cartoon hearts, candy, and flowers, but it’s also a time when most people turn their thoughts to relationships–with themselves, perhaps, but certainly to the outer relationships with lovers and spouses, perhaps parents, relationships that they have, that they wish they had, and that they hope for. Relationships as they are and as we would like them to be.

So V-Day is a good day to meditate on the heart, on the anahata, on our center, and to meditate on how it feels, how to radiate love and gratitude to our close ones. This is a simple meditation: Just sit somewhere peaceful (or even on a bus if needed), close your eyes, and focus your attention on one thing–love and gratitude for love–for a few minutes. See if things look different when you open your eyes.

This day is a good opportunity to give a hug, a flower or two, to maybe make something with our own hands to give, something that shows we are conscious of the love that surrounds us all the time and that can be focused through one person. If we can love ourselves, then we can love another one, and if we can love one, we can love all. We don’t always have to be perfectly centered to feel loving, but the more we can meditate on this center between the Grounding and the Expansion into Infinity, the more we can feel deep love and peace.

Peace, love, and gratitude to all on this Saint Valentine’s Day 2018 from the very fresh and just-blossoming Sacred Pathways Sarasota.


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