Sacred Pathways Sarasota was co-created by Kelly and John Stewart in January of 2018 as a place to find healing and wholeness through mindful bodywork and massage. The facility’s primary focus quickly narrowed to bodywork and massage in a warm-hearted setting after a year of holding group yoga classes and other events. The intent all along was to create a community of like-minded individuals to come together and share their journeys. The space itself ultimately decided what its best use would be and how that intent would manifest. That is how it is when working with the flow of energy rather than against it. While it is now a little different than they first expected, Kelly and John were able to create a small community of bodyworkers who share their talents with the people who come to receive nurturance and care for their bodies.

As the facility’s purpose is realized, we hope you will join our circle of friends by coming in for a service or signing up for our newsletter.