Co-CreatorsWhen Kelly and John met in late 2008, thank you E-Harmony, they quickly realized they shared a dream. Together they are realizing that dream with the creation of Sacred Pathways Sarasota. It is a center for exploring some of the many paths to healing and wholeness leading to a deep awareness of our ability to experience peace, balance, beauty, creativity, and happiness regardless the circumstances. They make the ordinary sacred through personal and group experiences of learning, sharing, ceremony, energy flow, and bodywork.

Sacred Pathways Sarasota is the primary home of Kelly’s StarLightworker Healing & Massage whose services include consulting and education.  John Stewart, aka Jiwan Shakti, works with private yoga clients who are interested in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Both hope to invite guest speakers, healers, and teachers from time to time so that current clients will have expanded opportunities to explore paths to healing and wholeness.

When not “working” Kelly and John enjoy Bobby, an American Bobtail cat, pictured above. They also enjoy exploring America and all it has to offer.