Massage and Reiki

60 Minute Session*

  • Relaxation Journey Massage $85

    Swedish style relaxation massage designed to be restorative and body nurturing using our therapists’ relaxing touch and gentle presence.

  • Therapeutic Massage $95

    Swedish & deep tissue bodywork techniques combined to provide you with a restorative massage targeting specific areas of the body as needed.

  • Energy Balancing Massage $105

    Energizing and relaxing at the same time, this massage focuses on enhancing the flow of energy through your body using various massage and energy techniques. Balancing the energy centers of your body (chakras) are included.

  • Reiki $75

    A light touch therapy given while lying on a table fully clothed for improving and balancing energy flow through the body.

  • Oncology Massage $85

    If you are receiving or have received treatment for cancer we know how to work with you to keep your massages safe and effective.

  • Aromatherapy Massage $105

    Massage using a blend of essential oils added to carrier oils. The blend is customized for your therapeutic needs.

*You get a full 60 minutes! For more or less time please contact us.