Video: Meditation to Balance the Negative Mind



Sat nam!

This is a brief introduction to a meditation to balance the negative mind. This meditation was given by Yogi Bhajan and is part of the Kundalini Yoga tradition. The negative mind is one of the ten bodies, or aspects, of ourselves.

This part of the mind (the other parts, are, logically enough, the positive and neutral minds) functions as a guardian–it evaluates risk and protects us from harm; however, if it’s out of balance, we tend to be negative about everything, even things that are not potentially harmful (in Western psychology, you might call this tendency “neurosis,” or fear of things that are not really there). If your negative mind is out of balance, you refuse to take any risks, even if there is a potential upside, you tend to counter everything everyone says with some negative comment, and in general, you shut yourself off from a vital life. This meditation will empower you to correct your own neurosis.

You can use this as a guide to beginning a daily practice. The posture, mantra, and other details are explained in the video. All you need is a comfortable, quiet place to sit and a timer.

Mantra: Wahe guru Wahe guru Wahe guru Wahe Jio

Meaning: An expression of wonder at the Universe! Especially as embodied in the individual soul (ji).

Duration: Start with 11 minutes and work your way up; 22, 26, then 31 minutes.

This meditation video is provided free for downloading. You will need to provide your basic contact information to complete the download.


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