Sacred Pathways Sarasota celebrates Soltices and Equinoxes by offering one and three-day retreat in its near downtown Sarasota location. These are intensive, transformative experiences of healing and personal growth for these auspicious times of the year. The retreats are led by co-creators Kelly and John Stewart, aka Jiwan Shakti, and will include a comprehensive, integrated program of Energy Healing, Kundalini Yoga, extended meditations, journaling, ceremony, art, and music.

The days start with a group check-in, sharing time, then move into a Kundalini Yoga set and often include the Sodharshan Chakra Kriya meditation. John, aka Jiwan Shakti, received this meditation from Yogi Bhajan many years ago and has practiced it extensively as the highest meditation in Kundalini Yoga.

Kelly, an established energy healing practitioner in Sarasota known as StarLightworker, will lead group Energy Healing sessions and guided meditations using art as a vehicle for exploring our inner journeys and healings. She will also transmit some of the nine Munay-Ki rites to those who are willing to receive them. These are rites of initiation given to us from the shamanic lineage of the Quero shamans of the high Andes.

There will be a constant flow of healing mantras, some recorded by Jiwan Shakti as part of his sound current healing practice. The three-day retreats usually wrap up with a Despacho Ceremony used for healing, restoring right-relationship, and protection along with an optional group dinner out where all can relax and continue the tribal vibes.

The cost is $62 per day; payable in advance or at the door.  Space is limited. Registration is required, please text/call 941.322.7284 or just fill out the registration form below! (form coming soon)