Numerology and 444

muladhara chakra flag

A while back I started noticing patterns in the numbers when I was doing my financials every week–a task that I don’t generally enjoy all that much, but that I like to keep up with so that I know where I’m at in relation to the world of substance.

I also had somehow found Joanne’s Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers site. Years ago I had done some Tantric Numerology years ago as part of my Kundalini Yoga experiences, so I had some idea of what numerology was about–some consultations with a numerologist yogi who convinced me that there was definitely something to this.

Anyway, the more recent process goes something like this: Every week when I do my financials I look over my receipt totals and other financial bits and notice double and triple numbers, repeating patterns, that sort of thing, that seem to be speaking to me via my most practical side, then I look them up on the Sacred Scribes site. The results always seem pretty resonant, no matter what you might think about numerology being nonsensical.

Kelly also pays attention to number combos and noticed a significant increase in frequency in the days leading up to and now after the opening. She sees them in license plates, phone numbers, and clocks. It tells her that she is on the right track, that the Angels have her back, and that all is in accordance with Divine timing. The messages came with an exclamation point when she saw a car with the phone number 444-4444 on the day of the event. She then noticed the day after that the same number advertised on a place of business a few blocks from Sacred Pathways. It had always been there but went unnoticed. That is, until the Angels were ready to draw her attention to it.

Since Sacred Pathways opened both Kelly and I have noticed a lot more 44s and 444s, so looking that up on Sacred Scribes tells me that it’s about practicality building foundations, and working harmoniously to achieve our divine life purpose. The number 4 represents the four elements and the four directions, and to me, the four corners of a stable building. The muladhara chakra, the root chakra, is symbolized as having four sides because it is the earthly base for everything else above it; if it is not strong and clear we tend to feel weak, ungrounded, and unsure of ourselves and our support from the infinite.

All this seemed very resonant with our founding of Sacred Pathways; there’s a lot of work involved, it’s another step toward our spiritual purpose on this plane, and it seems a little risky sometimes. Will it go or not? Those kind of thoughts.

Another note about 444 is that we are on the right path and that the angels are available to assist if we just call them. This is all very reassuring when working hard on a risky enterprise, and just being alive in this era is a risky enterprise. We live in interesting times.

So all this is to say that, as you are working through your finances, your basic elements of this Earth-life, it’s easy, fun, and inspiring to notice what messages are being put in front of you and check in with the numbers to see what they mean–make notes in a little book about the patterns and you will start to see more of them. It makes what might seem like drudge work more inspiring, and you can see that you are not alone, never, and that your life is moving toward a higher soul purpose.