Kundalini Yoga

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Kundalini Yoga is very different than hatha yoga, partly because it focuses more on the spiritual meditation than on physical yoga sets. Not that we don’t do some challenging physical sets! In Kundalini Yoga, the physical sets are called “kriyas” and are dynamic actions that combine movement, posture, breath, and mantras. This makes Kundalini Yoga very effective at working big changes in a short time. Anyone can do this yoga–no experience with yoga or meditation is necessary.

Some of the kriyas can initially be very challenging and later will seem easy; some will seem easy from the start but will still work very deeply on your inner life, which will manifest in your outer circumstances as well; this is a law of the universe–if you get the inside in order, the outside has to follow. If you want to make dramatic evolutionary changes to your life, this practice is one very effective way to do it. If you feel “stuck” in repeating patterns, this is a powerful way to break out of them and get to work on your spiritual destiny.

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